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Last Day of School is June 16th, noon dismissal.
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iPads for McKinley Students

Mr. Cruz, Dr. Kemp, and other representatives from the district surprised McKinley students at an assembly to present them with the iPads for their classrooms.  Mr. Cruz and Dr. Kemp shared the message that they were very excited for McKinley students to receive the tools necessary to be 21st Century learners.  They spoke about how the access to iPads will have a tremendous impact on student achievement, particularly as we shift to more project based learning opportunities.  

There are enough iPads for the primary grades (k-3) to have one iPad for every three students and for upper grades (4-6) to have one iPad for every student!  Students will use a variety and apps and software programs throughout the day to enhance their learning.

The students were excited to learn the news and even more excited to begin using the new learning tools in their classrooms on a daily basis.  The teachers are eager to see how the iPads impact their teaching practices and are hoping that there will be an overall increase in the students' digital literacy.  


We encourage parents and guardians to ask their children about the iPads, How tare they using them? How are they impacting their learning?  


A few Student Responses...

"iPads in the classroom will help me learn more with technology!"

"At home I used to have an iPad, but it broke, so now I can use one again."

"It is cool, because many schools don't have iPads."

"I feel amazed to have iPads, because I have never had one before so I am excited to work with it."

"I think iPads are good, because we don't have to share them or only have them for a part of the day."

" I am excited to use the internet to research for projects."

"We have already used them to research ideas for science fair, and for AR tests.  They are going to help us a lot!"


A special thank you to the teachers who worked very hard to write the application for the iPad grant from the District and to all of the teachers for coming in during their winter vacation to complete the iPad training!