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An Economy for You and Me



Have you ever bought anything? Chances are you most likely have. Our economy is such a vital part of our everyday lives. In our 3rd SEAL (Sobrato Early Academic Language) unit, our 2nd grade classes have been learning about Producers and Consumers. During this unit, our 2nd graders turned into economists conducting a study on the role of producers and consumers.


At our Gallery Walk, parents and family members were invited to see all the students’ showcase their work. Students eagerly showed off their “business” they “own” on Main St. in Town McKinley. In Town McKinley, you can cruse or walk conveniently to many shops including, pet shops, ice creams shops, or even spend the afternoon at Chuck-E-Cheese, the skating rink, or the movies.


As parents and family members made their way to our writing wall, they found themselves being convinced on how to spend their money. Or why they might want to live in a suburban neighborhood. Our students did a fantastic job writing opinion pieces, supporting their opinions with reasons and examples. Family members were also impressed with our students’ academic process journals. In their journals, students wrote about sequencing a product from production to consumer, needs and wants, and natural resources.


We concluded our Gallery Walk with a song called Producer and Distributor. Parents and family members proudly watched our students sing a fun and lively song while using sophisticated academic language that real economists would use. At the end of our song our 2nd graders gave a big thank you shout to their families for coming to class to share in our excitement for learning.


Now we move onto our next unit of study where our 2nd graders will turn into chemists in which we conduct a study about the properties of matter.