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Kindness Matters

The McKinley community celebrated Kindness week and they did a great job!  Each day was a different theme where students were able to dress up and show their school spirit.  They were also challenged to be kind to others, and to truly be creative in the ways that they showed their kindness to others.  They all really stepped up to the challenge and exceeded the expectations of the staff.  This is a new tradition at McKinley school, we are so proud of all of our Tigers and we look forward to continuing the tradition again next year.
The students had the opportunity to dress up in  a variety of ways.  The themed days were: Team up for Kindness (sport gear), Crazy for Kindness (crazy hair/socks), Peace, Love and Kindness (tie-dye and peace signs), Dream of Kindness (pajamas), and Kindness is the McKinley Way (orange and black).  All of the students and staff had such a fun time, coming up with their outfits and showing them off at school.  The compliments were flying around campus as everyone showed support and kindness to one another.  
Students also participated in daily kindness stations, where they made posters and decorations to put up around campus to encourage kindness toward others.  The campus was beautiful and it was great to see the kids encouraging each other to be kind.  Thank you to all the amazing students that made this possible.
Here are just a few of the ways our students showed kindness to others...
"When my sister hadn't washed the dishes, I told her that I would do it for her." -Diego
"One way I was kind, was when I helped my parents take care of my sister when she was sick."- Andrea 
"When I was kind, my mother had a hard time cleaning the house, but without asking I started to sweep the floor while she did the dishes." -Nestor
"I smiled at people as I walked by them, and they smiled back!"- Javier
"At the store, I helped an older person reach something on a high shelf." - Alberto
 ***Follow up***
We are thrilled to report that 13,166,854 students in 24,027 schools and 113 countries were part of the 2019 Great Kindness Challenge!!! Thanks to McKinley and our trailblazing students, collectively we inspired over 650 million acts of kindness!!! What an AMAZING celebration of kindness it was! We hope your week was filled with an abundance of joy and that the kindness momentum will continue!

Because of our school's participation in The Great Kindness Challenge, we have been acknowledged as a Kindness Certified School.

Thank you for making such a positive difference at our school, in our community, and in our world.

There's no doubt about it,