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Welcome Back and Happy New Year!
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Student Recognition

2018 Global Learner
Rosette M. leads by example. She is motivated and passionate about learning. She will look to help others in her group or class. Her talents in reading, writing, math, and art quickly give her credibility with her peers. Lastly, she is humble and kind. She is a worthy nominee for Global Learner. (Leadership)
Global Learners:
Ayden F. (Kinder - Citizenship) - This year Ayden has learned how to open himself up to others. He has learned how to play and when to ask others for space in a respectful way. Ayden has learned how to make a few friends. He is able to say hello and all the social greetings that go along with having friends, including noticing when they are not at school and feeling sad because of it. I am very proud of all the social growth I have seen in Ayden this year.