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Student Recognition

McKinley Science Fair Winners for 2018-2019  

By Irwin V., Yael B., and Matthew V. (3rd grade)  

"Does Weight Affect the Object's Speed When it Falls?"  
By German C. and Cristian D. (3rd grade)  

" Self Inflating Balloon" 
By Anali A. (4th grade)  

"How to Build a Walking Robot"
By Kiara V., Lisette D., and Karen G. (4th grade)  

"Design a Paper Roller Coaster"
By Sandy D. and Hellen N.  (5th grade)  

By Jacqueline R., Rubi M., Andrea G. (5th grade)  

"Grasping with Straws"
By Lyli B. and Andrea H. (6th grade)


Students with their project at the District Science Fair