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Mrs. Fajardo's Class Invades SJSU

Last month Mrs. Fajardo’s class had an opportunity to visit San Jose State University.    They were invited by the University's engineering department to participate in a program where the students would get the opportunity to have a hands on experience in the Engineering Department's Lab. It was a wonderful adventure for all of the students, their parents and even Mrs. Fajardo.

After missing three buses, the students were grateful to finally arrive at SJSU and eager to tour the campus.  They received a guided tour through the campus and were told highlights about the University's history as well as explanations of the many landmarks housed there.  They were amazed to hear all about what college had to offer and all the different options in majors and educational fields available for students to study.  While the students really enjoyed the tour, the Student Union was in no doubt one of their favorite spots with all the different food options!

Later in the day, through the SJSU Engineering Ambassador’s program, the students learned about civil engineering and were able to be in one of the classrooms.  They participated in an engineering activity in which they designed and built a tower out of straws.  They had a lot of fun planning their designs and working together to try to successfully build their models.  There were a lot of laughs filling the room.  The students demonstrated high levels of perseverance as they attempted to build and redesign their models.

Finally, the students toured the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library and admired the unique artwork found throughout the library floors.  They were also read a book by one of the many amazing librarians that keep this place running smoothly.  They couldn’t stop laughing while listening at a story told by the librarian because of the fabulous way she read the book, using different voices for the characters and truly bringing the book to life.  It was most definitely one of their best field trips, and were thankful for the opportunity.  Many of the students can’t wait to one day attend SJSU. 



“That was the best field trip ever!”  M. S.


“Some things I would like to do at SJSU are art, animation, music and computer classes.”  B. C.